« All art », Pater said , « constantly aspires to the condition of music », and Pedro Uhart, in his musician’s collection, goes all the way along with it.
In these paintings, the artist evokes the liberty that music enjoys to deal whit its material, sounds, as it thinks fit, and at the same time, expresses the mood - the players’ reality we should say - as they perform it.
In the lopsided but harmoniously balanced composition of « Musicos Callejeros », Pedro Uhart brings about that distinctive cheerful disposition of those musicians who improvise a stand to play in the streets, and whose popular tunes distract us - worried passers by on our way to the bank, or appease our anxiety while we wait in a cafe, for that lovely date who perhaps, will never arrive.
In the « Jazz Band », just to mention another remarkable example of Pedro Uhart’s art, we can see the concentration which characterizes the jazz musician, and through the daring intertwine of color and outline, feel the echoes of the syncopated rhythms of jazz. We rejoice ourselves in front of these canvases, filled with the poetry of color, the sounds of music, and the gift of form. They are a delight for the senses, and asoothing balm for the spirit.

Julian Cairol

Banda tropical
Los pequenos cantores de Iquique
Le Bal
Les Saltimbanques
Musicos callejeros
banda de Beaux Arts

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