Pedro Uhart created what he call Floating Murals, to free painting from the confining wall, and show it outdoors – as he did in Paris, New York, and elsewhere, - in parks, gardens, and streets, without excluding in the name of freedom, either the wall…or the art gallery’s frame .
If for Verlaine poetry was above all music, for Pedro Uhart painting is above all colour. Beyond the mural painting’s chromatic tradition, he developed a unique sense of tinting which within the bold black outline of his design, acquires the striking luminosity of stained glass, becoming the dominant expression that sets the emotional tone of his works: epic in the Amazones, vibrants in the Musicians, comic-erotic in the Canapes.

Julian Cairol

Crasy Hoirse Nigt
Floating Murals
green sofa
Casa Mila
le metro 1973
Le Métro
Galerie Dawntown -N.Y.
Los intelectuales
El Casamiento

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